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Washington Slagbaai National Park. A 3 tank boat trip at the North end of the island, about 40” ride to get there. 2 dives in the morning, lunch provided, and 1 tank dive in the early afternoon. A great place to see turtles, the occasional nurse shark, rays, and other larger pelagic fish like tarpons and eels. The dives are drift dives, well guided, and excellent coral formations. Buddy Dive is our preferred operation, but other shops may offer this as well. 

Bonaire is also the premier shore-diving destination on our planet.

Salt pier.

This is a great dive, relatively shallow, and a good place for underwater photography. We’ve hired a videographer for this. This is a guided dive only, and the dive shop has to get permission from the Harbor Master to do this. Lots of large schools of fish, and interesting fauna on the pier pillars.

Wild or East Side.

This is generally a two tank boat dive, all drift diving and not for novice divers. One must be in good physical condition, and able to swim in strong currents. Several dive shops offer this, Buddy Dive does it very well. Lots of large pelagic fish life to see!


There are plenty of good snorkeling places to go, right off our condo is a pretty good place to start. 

A snorkel guide is located over the TV in our condo for reference.


Sorobon – Lac Cay.

Large expanse of beach on the windward side of the island, very shallow - making this a great place for small children. Has kayaking, wind-surfing, cabanas, a restaurant or two and snorkeling capabilities.


Located just across form the airport, this is a good place for snorkeling and diving, has some shade trees, picnic tables and some good beach expanse.

Pink Beach.

Located on the South end of the island, a good beach for privacy and snorkeling.


Washington Slagbaai National Park is a good place for a drive tour and/or hiking.

Bowalie Snorkel Sail is a fun sailing trip with snorkeling.

Sea Cow Goes over to Klein Bonaire for snorkeling, a fun trip, good for kids too!

Indian Inscriptions are located a couple of places on the island to see.

Flamingo viewing can be done on the South end of the island and Gotomeer lake.

For more details on this and other activities, we suggest you check out www.infobonaire.com.

Don’t forget to take your camera!

For Great Underwater photos CLICK HERE.

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